The Top Benefits of Wearing a Satin Hair Bonnet

Women wearing Caramel Satin bonnet (left). Woman wearing Wine Satin Bonnet (right).

Afro hair is incredibly delicate. But, if you treat it right your natural curls will flourish. Having a good hair care routine will ensure that your locks get the nutrients and protection it needs to grow, but what about at night?

A satin night bonnet is one item that every naturalista needs. The soft material will gently cover your hair as you sleep, prevent damage and lock in moisture all while you get your beauty sleep!

Whether you have curls, kinks or coils using a sleep cap for curly hair will provide unlimited benefits to your locks.

Here are some of the top benefits of wearing a satin hair bonnet.

Promotes healthy hair and hair growth

It’s a common misconception that afro hair doesn’t grow but that is simply not true. Natural hair can struggle to retain moisture and without this hydration, it will grow slower. By wearing a satin hair bonnet to bed you can lock in the moisture that would otherwise be drawn out by cotton bedsheets. Plus, any oils you apply before bed will stay locked in all night. Hydrated hair equals more growth!

Prevents damage

Even the most elegant sleepers will toss and turn at night and this friction causes your natural hair to tangle and split. But, you can say bye-bye to damaged curls! A high-quality night bonnet will prevent this added friction as the smooth satin shield your curls and keeps them neatly tucked away until you wake up. Who doesn’t want stronger and healthier natural hair?

Your hairstyles are preserved

If you’ve gone to the effort of washing and styling your hair only for your curls to look frizzy the next day, it’s time to invest in a satin hair bonnet. The smooth fabric will keep your styles in place and cause less disruption to your curl pattern so no more flat curls! When you wake up, all you need to go is shake out your curls, apply a little product if needed and you’re good to go. Protecting your hair will make your washdays last all week.

Less frizz and more definition

Frizz and afro hair go hand in hand. A little extra volume never hurt anyone but if your definition is getting hidden by a sea of frizz, incorporating a satin hair bonnet into your nighttime routine will do the trick. Satin does a great job at retaining moisture and maintaining your afro hair so frizz doesn’t take over. From root to tip you can banish frizz and encourage greater curl definition or make your styles look neater for longer.

Invest in your hair today with a satin night bonnet from Nessa Hill. Our bonnets have soft silky-smooth satin on the inside and the out so your curls, dreads or locs get the luxury treatment they deserve. Check out our shop today.

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