Our Story

We're changing the narrative around natural hair
Good Hair Has a New Meaning

We Believe...

Good hair is healthy hair. It comes in many forms; kinky, curly, wavy, bone-straight, and in every color of the rainbow. Good hair isn't defined by societal beauty standards, but by you. Whether you keep it low or let it grow, love is in your hair.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Tamika Reid, the woman behind Nessa Hill. She's on a mission to affirm the beauty of all hair types and hold space for those who have been told they don't have "good hair.

After years of "I know it's burning, but you have to let the perm take", hot comb burns on the ear, and losing her edges to sew-ins, she decided that there had to be a better way.

And there was.

Instead of straightening her hair into submission, she decided it was time to learn what her hair needed and wanted to be healthy. To embrace ALL that her hair CAN do and not what it can't.

Nessa Hill is a reflection of the healthy relationship that she wants us all to develop with our hair.

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Totally obsessed, got my sister hooked as well! Comfortable, cute, helps my hair dry super fast!
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Excellent satin hair bonnets! Very well made, so good I had to order more!
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