Black Satin Travel Kit

Black Satin Travel Kit

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The perfect satin "to-go" kit for your purse or suitcase! Our travel kit includes:
1 Satin Pillowcase
1 Satin Eye Mask
1 Satin Scrunchie

Protect your hair on the go! No more suffering from hair matting, breakage, or split ends. Smooth satin means LESS FRICTION, LESS BREAKAGE, and LESS DRY HAIR.

Better hair days are just a satin pillowcase away.

Our pillowcases are designed with a zipper enclosure so your pillow never slips out. 

The smooth texture provides less friction and will help your hair retain its moisture and sheen.

Provides skin with the perfect smooth texture to protect against facial sleep lines that could become deep wrinkles. 

Machine wash gentle or hand wash.
Tumble dry low
Cold Water.
20 x 30 inches (Standard/Queen)