GAMMA TAU RO Varsity Satin Bonnet

GAMMA TAU RO Varsity Satin Bonnet

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Intelligent and witty, these students are known for their love of knowledge and wit, often pursuing academic excellence and intellectual pursuits. 

*Please Note*
The placement of the pattern may vary.

Double layered, lightweight satin hair bonnet. Perfect for protecting kinky/curly hair, braided styles, dreadlocks or long hairstyles.

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Soft and silky smooth satin on the inside and outside.
Elastic doesn't stretch out.
Stays on all night.


Minimize Frizz
Frizz leads to breakage and split ends. Our satin bonnets reduce hair damaging friction that occurs when you toss and turn in your sleep.

Locks in Moisture
Cotton pillowcases are known to dry out hair. Wearing a satin bonnet helps hair keep its moisture.

Protect Your Style
Satin bonnets help keep your hair in place and prolong your hairstyle.

   Machine wash gentle or hand wash.
   Do not tumble dry.
   Gentle wash at or below 30°C

      Bonnet fits children as young as 6 as well as adults.
      Diameter : 12.5 inches